Top 3 Athens-Greece One-Day Trips
Posted by: Paul Everton

One of the top things about a voyage to Athens is its proximity to outstanding whitewashed Greek islands, charming villages & ancient historical cities. Each has a clear-cut character, culture and color. The occupants themselves, known for their filoxenia or, graciousness & hospitality, will welcome you with a smile and ask for you to try their local specialties. Even if you are in Athens for simply a couple of days, i urge you to spend a day or two at one of the below destinations. You will be glad you got along. While in Athens, hop on all over to one of the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf.

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Hotels: Greece Hotels - Select Your Hotel Wisely
Posted by: John Gibb

Greece is one of the most Popular Tourist destinations in Europe, and attracts a wide range of Tourists from all over the World. Greece Hotels are very pleasant to stay, offering the Olden Hospitality combined with the modern comfort. Greece Hotels offer a wide variety of accommodations for all ranges of the Tourists. Athens is the most attractive place on the Central Greece and has the best Hotel accommodation for the Tourist. It is always better to stay around Plaka and it is a centrally located Area nearer to the Acropolis.

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Greece: Traveling in Greece
Posted by: Gagan Makin

A tour of Greece islands opens you to a wonderful, fun-filled Greek adventure. Greece will enthrall you with its historic sites of Athens, Rhodes and Delphi. In addition, water sports, beach villas, and luxury hotels are all available to add color to your holidays in Greece. In your quest to discover Greece, you will find that it is the cradle of western civilization. The history of this timeless land dates back to almost 5000 years. Not only is its legacy of drama and tragedy unequalled and unparalleled, even the beautiful sunshine of its 1400 idyllic beaches is unmatched. As a country, it truly is a living legend, the uniqueness of which will leave you spellbound with a truly unforgettable experience.

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